WaveLynx - Taylor-Schmidt

Taylor Schmidt

Product Architect

Taylor Schmidt is responsible for all software and BLE applications at WaveLynx Technologies.

Razor-sharp focus on keeping WaveLynx products invigorated with cutting-edge and emerging technologies.

Taylor’s expertise is centered around Bluetooth® Low Energy design and development as it relates to both software and firmware applications. Adept to the unique challenges encountered in the mobile credential space, Taylor has been integral in enabling industry leaders to break into this emerging technology with the development of custom Android and iOS applications. Taylor has lead the WaveLynx “mobile-first” strategy from its inception and has ensured our products have remained on the cutting edge of what is possible in physical access.

Holding a B.S. in Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines with a background in professional bike racing, Taylor brings the same highly competitive and disciplined mindset to the WaveLynx engineering team.  Taylor understands the challenges, needs, and preferences of the market and has the technical knowledge, capability and desire to deliver unprecedented value to WaveLynx customers.