Robert Lydic


Rob is the President of WaveLynx Technologies and is responsible for
the WaveLynx Inside initiative.

Rob is a global industry leader in scalability and market expansion. He effectively
creates visions that can be embraced by the market and adopted by wide audiences.

Rob is a 20-year global industry leader in physical security. Rob has created and successfully
grown and transacted 3 companies in the last 10 years that continue to lead in their respective

In 2014, Rob moved to Boulder, Colorado to join ISONAS where he rapidly amended the
business’s strategy allowing it to escalate from relative obscurity to the market leader in access
control edge devices in 18 months. The business was successfully transacted 40 months after
Rob arrived at Allegion PLC.

Rob led Allegion’s Commercial Electronic Strategy from 2018-2020 resulting in 35% growth in
electronic locks and near double-digit growth in other electronic product categories.
Rob holds a BS in Biology and Environmental Science from Ohio Northern University.