Mike Malone

Senior Product Architect

Michael Malone is an owner/partner at WaveLynx Technologies and is responsible for firmware design.

The details are what makes our technology great, and Mike has a keen eye for them! Mike’s deep domain knowledge of access control and related technologies make him one of our industry’s most trusted experts.

Mike has over 25 years of experience in firmware and embedded systems development. His in-depth expertise and experience in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are applied to physical access control solutions at WaveLynx. Specifically, Mike delivers expertise in secure card applications using various cryptography techniques and technologies, including the FIPS-201 government personal identity and verification (PIV) cards. In the span of his decades-long career, he has been a key designer and developer of many successfully released products including medical devices, telecommunications, and semiconductors. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a Computer Science Option (B.S., EE/CS) from the University of Colorado. He is a 4-year veteran of the United States Navy.

Mike currently participates on the SIA OSDP Committee, driving standards in order to execute valuable new functionality in the access control industry. Mike’s continual drive for excellence in design, execution, and delivery has propelled WaveLynx Technologies to a position of market leadership.