USB Secure Readers

SP Plus Reader + Secure Access Module (SAM)

Reader for Enrollment and Secure Printing

The complete solution for any secure USB reader application. When purchasing these readers, there are two different scenarios based on the end user's use of either WaveLynx Standard Keys or Customer-Owned Custom Keys:

WaveLynx Standard Keys: The reader with an installed SAM including the WaveLynx standard keys MUST be purchased directly from WaveLynx

Customer Owned Custom Keys: The reader can be purchased from WaveLynx or any other reseller of RFIDeas products.

If the reader is purchased from WaveLynx, the reader will be shipped with the custom keys loaded on the SAM and the SAM installed in the reader.

If the reader is purchased from a non-WaveLynx source, the SAM with the custom keys loaded on it MUST be purchased from WaveLynx and installed in the reader prior to using the reader.
This reader is compatible with LEAF-enabled credentials for applications such as enrollment and secure printing.

  • Configurable for LEAF Cc Custom Keysets
  • Supports 125 kHz ASK/FSK proximity credentials
  • Auto-tuning 13.56 MHz antenna
  • Enhanced secure communication and storage
  • User-selectable volume control
  • USB 2.0 with various lengths and terminations
  • Outputs the badge ID and/or site code
End-User RFIDeas Configuration Files
Credential TypeOutput FormatSCM FilepcProxConfig File
Standard KeysBIDLEAF Si (BID).iniLEAF_(BID).hwg+
ACDLEAF Si (ACD).iniLEAF_(ACD_hex).hwg+
ACDLEAF Cc (ACD).iniLEAF_(ACD_hex).hwg+
Prox + CSNACDProx (1) + CSN (ISO15693+iCLASS+ISO14443A).iniProx_(ACD_hex)_CSN_(ISO15693_iCLASS_ISO14443A).hwg+
How To Guide for Quick RFIDeas USB ConfiguringFirst use SmartCard Manager 1.11:
1) Connect the reader using "Connect/Reconnect"
2) Go to the "File" tab, click "Load Configuration" and select the desired ".ini" file
3) Click "Configure Reader"

Next use pcProxConfig 5.3.3:
4) Connect the reader using "Connect"
5) Go to the "File" tab, click "Open hwg/hwg+ file..." and select the desired ".hwg+" file
6) Click "Write Active"

The reader should now be configured correctly.
Output Formats
Example Card:

Facility Code: 123

Badge ID: 456
Output Type: BIDOutput Type: FAC - BIDOutput Type: ACD (Hex)
Ex. Card Output: 456Ex. Card Output: 123:456Ex. Card Output: F600391
Programs and Documentation
ProgramDescriptionFile TypeLink to File
SmartCard ManagerProgram defines the sections of the LEAF card to read and can enable Prox/CSN credential compatabilityDownloadable ApplicationSmartCard Manager Download
Instructional PDFSmartCard Manager Instructional PDF
pcProxConfigProgram configures how to output the bitstream received by the presented credentialDownloadable ApplicationpcProxConfig Download
Instructional PDFpcProxConfig Instructional PDF

Technical Specifications

WaveLynx Model WL-RDR-80MH1AKU-LF
Cable Length Options

P06M (6’ is standard for desktop)
P02M (2.5” Mini USB Male)
P05M (5” Mini USB Male)
P07M (7” Mini USB Male)
Operating Frequency Dual 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz
Dimensions 0.6 in × 2 in × 3 in (1.5 cm × 5.1 cm × 7.6 cm)
Weight 2.7 oz (76.5 g)
Power Consumption Typical 70 mA, maximum 100 mA