Secure Access Control Readers | Secure Communications

WaveLynx wall readers come in three form factors and with numerous technology configurations. These readers enable a seamless transition from legacy cards to secure, encrypted smart cards and mobile credentials.

Ethos readers interface with every access control panel on the market, supporting the latest standard protocols and functionality such as Secure Channel via OSDP™, PIV/CIV via OSDP, and remote updating of firmware, configuration, and encryption via OSDP. Ethos readers continue to support many legacy protocols such as Wiegand and other OEM specific protocols (including F2F and Current Loop), enabling clients who are using these wiring schemas to transition to secure smart cards and mobile credentials with existing wire runs. Ethos readers use several of WaveLynx patented features that enable a unified approach to upgrades and updates to secure credentials and communications.

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WaveLynx Ethos™ Readers

Secure Access Control Credentials

Secure credentials have become the norm, and WaveLynx provides the best-of-breed solution. Utilizing the proven DESFire® EV2 smart cards and the open and interoperable LEAF protocol, WaveLynx delivers the most flexible smart card platform on the market, allowing end-users to meet their security requirements and own and manage their cryptographic keys.

WaveLynx's flexible production facilities can securely issue most credential types to allow the seamless transitions from Prox to Smart Cards. We offer combo-cards (such as DESFire®‚Äč + proximity), single - technology cards, cards with a magnetic stripe, clamshells, fobs, with any desired card data format.

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MyPass Mobile Credentials™

Do More. Touch Less.

A MyPass Mobile Credential is an elegantly simple mobile application that delivers a safe, secure, convenient, and affordable access experience.

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Consultative Approach

Through a consultative approach with our partners and their clients, WaveLynx offers customized transition plans designed to avoid disruption to the End User’s cardholder population. By leveraging multiple types of technologies and credentials within a single reader and a single credential or mobile device, the path to great user experiences while upgrading to secure access control is made possible.