WaveLynx Technologies Launches MyPass Mobile Credentials™

August 17, 2020

WaveLynx Technologies today announced the launch of its MyPass Mobile Credentials(“MyPass”), a cloud credential application designed to deliver a safe, secure, and convenient experience to access secured doors using a smartphone.

MyPass works seamlessly with WaveLynx Ethos Wiegand/OSDP readers for a touchless experience where users hold their phone to the reader and open a door, supporting COVID-19 guidelines. The application is physical access control system (PACS) agnostic, and does not require any subscriptions or fees, making it an extremely flexible and affordable solution that allows organizations to transition to mobile access at their own pace. MyPass is also secure by design, with cloud-issued credentials that are protected via end-to-end encryption. 

“As businesses and schools reopen people are using their mobile devices to do more and touch less — we call it mobile distancing” said WaveLynx Technologies, Executive Vice President, Laurie Aaron. “MyPass will help to  support return-to-work and campus reopening by reducing contact with surfaces and creating a convenient, safe and touchless access experience.”

MyPass is available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Founded in 2013 and based in Broomfield, Colorado, WaveLynx Technologies Corporation offers open and secure access control solutions for its customers. The WaveLynx Team has over 100 years of combined experience in hardware design, access control and identity management, delivering innovative products and services to its customers. WaveLynx Ethos readers provide a seamless transition from legacy credentials to smart cards and mobile credentials, while the LEAF Compatibility program empowers customers’ choice to select multiple manufacturers. 


Rich Price
WaveLynx Director of User Experience


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