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WaveLynx Undercover

A micro podcast with Sarah Bowling

Conversations with people from companies who resell, rebrand, or integrate WaveLynx Technologies into their own platforms. The purpose of these conversations is to showcase our strategic partnerships with companies that are equally committed to driving secure, open, and interoperable solutions into the security market today.

Episode 1 | Jeff Bransfield
Episode 2 | Mitch Karren 
Episode 3 |Cory Etbauer
Episode 4 | Brian Matthews

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The Interviews

In this video series, we interview customers who have worked with WaveLynx products and who are faced with mitigating some of the key risks facing access control systems today. We ask our guests "Where do you start"? when it comes to "Getting off Prox", "Going OSDP", "Migrating to Mobile", or even starting from scratch with a "New Build".

Episode 1 | Getting Off Prox?
Matt Netardus, Security 101
Episode 1 | Going OSDP?
Matt Netardus, Security 101
Episode 2 | Marinas Go Mobile
Russ Schmidt, Beacon Wifi