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Whether you are unifying disparate systems or starting from scratch, WaveLynx readers work with ANY physical access control system.

By choosing WaveLynx readers as a starting point, you can support legacy prox technology, adopt encrypted technology, and migrate to mobile credentials without ever having to replace the reader.

Break The Chains.

With a brand new build, you have the opportunity to do your homework, make informed decisions, and set the end-user up for long-term success. When it comes to encrypted smart cards, most manufacturers support a proprietary solution where the vendor owns the encryption keys. These solutions limit card sourcing, competitive pricing, and ecosystem device support. Wavelynx offers a smart credential solution that removes the vendor handcuffs and allows an end-user to take ownership of a unique encryption keyset. By owning their keys, the end-user now has more options for sourcing their cards at a fair price and they have also unlocked the potential for unlimited device and application support within their ecosystem. This solution involves supporting LEAF credentials on our readers and offering Key Management services.

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Wavelynx manufactures the world’s most secure, open, and interoperable access control devices. Our readers work with ANY access control head-end system. We are also founding members of the LEAF initiative who evangelize the standardization of an openly sourced, interoperable credential. Why wouldn't choose WaveLynx readers as a starting point?
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About LEAF

LEAF is an industry initiative devised by product manufacturers who evangelize open standards for credentials. These LEAF partners have defined a credential which is highly secure, openly sourced, and totally interoperable with unlimited devices or applications which may reside in a project ecosystem. 

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WaveLynx offers Key Management services, which makes owning your keys and provisioning them to the devices of your choice an easy process to deploy. Owning your keys means you now have the power to support any device or application in your ecosystem with just one credential. The purpose of a LEAF solution is to break the chains otherwise established by credential manufacturers with proprietary business models.
Key Management

To see how one campus reaped the benefits by adopting LEAF credentials as their one-card solution, Click Here!

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