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Most of our OEM Partners resell our products to authorized, certified integrators and installers. To ensure everything goes smoothly from the initial project design to the final installation, we are pleased to provide some valuable resources to this channel.

Learn more directly from Integrators and Installers who have had the WaveLynx experience.

Catch an episode of “START HERE: The Interviews” - the videos series which features conversations with knowledgeable Integrators who have had first-hand experience either designing, installing, or living with our products on their sites.

Would you like to purchase Wavelynx products through one of our OEM Partners?

WaveLynx is committed to manufacturing the world’s most secure, open, and interoperable access control devices in the security market. Our readers work with ANY access control head end system and we are LEAF enabled. We sell our products through a variety of OEM business partners. Please contact any of our OEM Partners for more information on pricing and availability.

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Get quick answers from our self-serve portal.

Gain access to our Integrator Portal for some valuable resources such as FAQs, Quick find Datasheets and Solution Guides, etc.

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Do you have a project in mind where our readers might be a good fit? Or maybe you'd like to test our reader in your office/ lab? We are happy to send you a WaveLynx Reader + LEAF Demo Kit at a great discount. Limit is ONE per customer.

Kit Contents

  • 1 x ET20-7WS
  • 5 x LEAF 4K Cards — ISO DESFire EV2
  • 2 x LEAF 8K Keyfobs — ISO DESFire EV2
  • MyPass Mobile Credentials — Unlimited
BUY NOW!One per Customer
WaveLynx Reader Demo Kit