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Many Access Control systems are still using 125 kHz low-frequency proximity card and reader technology. This read-only technology is over 25 years old and although these cards are inexpensive and easy to source, they are not secure and can be easily cloned. In order to make the transition from legacy technology to a more secure, smart credential technology, customers often choose to deploy both multi-frequency credentials and readers. WaveLynx Ethos™ multi-technology readers can support legacy low-frequency prox, encrypted high frequency smart cards, and mobile credentials simultaneously without any performance issues.

By choosing WaveLynx readers as a starting point, you can transition off of prox at your own pace. Even if it’s just one reader at a time.

Your Access Control System Is At Risk.

And What You Can Do About It

Depending on the number of cardholders you have, the process and the price of replacing already-issued cards can be painful. However, the cost associated with a breach can be much higher. More often than not, “getting off prox” falls into the “how can we afford not to” category. Upgrading to a new secure credential technology such as encrypted smart cards or mobile credentials is highly recommended. Your immediate goal must be to secure the communication / authentication between the credential and the reader so that your Access Control system cannot be compromised!

Your Access Control System Is At RiskArticle

A Seamless Transition.

The Patented Prox Filter

As experts in the art of designing credential and reader upgrade strategies, WaveLynx has identified every possible issue that could disrupt a transition off of low frequency proximity technology into a more secure technology. One of the most common problems encountered when deploying dual technology cards and multi technology readers is performance issues such as double beeps/ lights or incorrect reads when the new card is presented to the new reader. In an effort to mitigate this problem, WaveLynx has developed and patented a feature called the “Prox Filter” which is available in every reader model upon request. This feature allows WaveLynx to configure a customer's reader in a way that allows for a smooth and seamless transition when issuing dual technology cards during the transition.

A Seamless TransitionArticle by Mike Conlin

Just getting started? Begin with our Transition Strategy Workbook to help you determine the best course of action when designing a credential and reader upgrade solution.

We Can Help.
It can be overwhelming to plan for a credential transition without disrupting your employees and maintaining  time and budget expectations. When it comes to designing credential and reader transition strategies, we are the best.

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