Students win big with future-proof Campus Card Solution: Combining secure Smart Cards and LEAF protocols open doors to a future of interoperability.


William McGee 
Director of IT for Auxiliary Services 

Michael Wharton 
Building Controls Engineer for University Housing

"We have future-proofed our program with DESfire EV2 for the next 15-20 years and that was the original goal of our technology committe was to find a product that we could carry forward for 15-20 years."

-William McGee


UGA in the News

University of Georgia creates card system from the ground up

by Andrew Hudson, CR80News

In 2017, the University of Georgia made the advancement of card technology a priority on campus. UGA’s OneCard Oversight Committee was formed and turned the lens inward, examining its card environment from within. The Committee was tasked with ensuring the review process enhanced security, created a collaborative phased approach and proactively prevented any future service disruptions while minimizing overall cost impacts.

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UGA Solution Highlights

  • Solution lifespan goal of 20 years
  • Multi-application ready, including door access, POS, vending, athletics, etc.
  • UGA Encryption Key ownership
  • 1800+ contactless readers
  • 35,000 MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 smart cards
  • LEAF 2.1 compliant credential data model
  • Card suppliers: multiple
  • Access Reader supplier: WaveLynx Technologies 

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