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Splan offers a full-featured Visitor Management solution with capabilities to address customers’ safety, security, compliance and digital transformation. Splan Visitor is deployed in a variety of industries in 60+ countries, supporting 20+ languages and is integrated with most Access Control systems. Splan empowers customers to efficiently manage visitors, vendors, tenants, contractors and deliveries. Splan has capabilities like SignInEasy Visitor mobile app, workflow approvals, notifications of arrivals, NDA’s, watch-list monitoring, handling of VIPs, forgotten badge provisioning etc, which service the risk mitigation needs of customers, while improving the overall visitor, contractor and employee experience.

WaveLynx + Splan


Splan has rebranded our mobile credential solution as part of their Splan Visitor SignIn Easy Application.


Splan has integrated our mobile credential solution into their Splan Visitor SignIn Easy visitor management software application.`