UGA Uses LEAF Credentials

to Open Doors and Order Drinks

| 08/12/2020
Mike Conlin 

Recently, the University of Georgia overhauled campus building security, implementing new access control hardware technology to secure 1900 access points.

The upgrade to the UGA electronic access control system is designed to create a more efficient and secure environment for students by delivering highly secure and interoperable student credentials.

UGA has deployed Ethos multi-technology readers by WaveLynx Technologies Corporation, a Broomfield, Colorado manufacturer of advanced electronic access control readers. The readers were selected for their secure encrypted chip technology, custom key management, and multi-application architecture called LEAF, which enables UGA credentials to interoperate with other campus devices and applications.

“The new WaveLynx readers help us deliver better safety and security which are key to the health and wellbeing of our community,” said UGA Director of IT for Auxiliary Services, William H. McGee. “With the LEAF architecture, we can easily integrate with our trusted vendors and partners to create a positive credential user experience on campus.”
With UGA’s OneCard solution, students can access multiple applications and devices including beverage vending machines, meal plans, printing and copying services, and the University Bookstore, with plans for transit access, attendance, athletic and recreational events.

UGA issues 30,000 LEAF credentials and turns over approximately 5,000 with every incoming Freshmen class.
The UGA OneCard Oversight Committee was formed in 2017 and tasked with ensuring the review process enhanced security, created a collaborative phased approach and proactively prevented any future service disruptions while minimizing overall cost impacts.

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