Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Credential Strategy

| 30/11/2022
Keely Sustarsic 

I recently took a road trip up to Michigan for a weekend get-a-way. If you know me, you know that I am directionally challenged, so using an app for directions is my only saving grace when in an unfamiliar area. 

I can confidently say that I know the app will get me to my final destination without making me think. It provides peace of mind to someone who struggles with this sort of thing. I still don’t know how people used an actual map back in the day to figure out where they are going. We’d be halfway to New York when we are trying to go to California if I was the one interpreting the paper map. 

There was a moment on my recent quest where I couldn’t quite figure out the exact ramp that I was supposed to take (we’ve all been there). A critical point in the journey where one small mistake would take me the opposite direction of where I was supposed to go. It was a part of the highway where there seemed to have been four different options, none of which clearly indicated what my app was telling me to take. So naturally, my heart started to race, hands sweating, I turned the radio down in an effort to concentrate (why do we do this?), and I took the ramp I thought was correct. 

I’m sure you know where this is going… Well, it wasn’t until I was already circling the ramp that my map started “rerouting”… Great. This now meant an extra 20 minutes added to my trip because of one small mis-step on my part.

The same can be said for picking your credential strategy. There are so many paths you can take, but choosing the one that will ultimately lead you to your final destination is both confusing to navigate and difficult to decide. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three things to consider when choosing your credential strategy. 

  1. Interoperability
    Choose a solution that will seamlessly integrate into your existing portfolio. Not only will this save you thousands of dollars, you will actually benefit from this in the long run. By choosing a solution that is interoperable, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to choose in the future. There are a large number of proprietary solutions in the market today and customers are starting to see and feel the effects of only having one option. Interoperability allows you to choose, adapt and be flexible when you need to. 
  1. Privacy & Security
    Many solutions have been proven insecure today (proximity cards, we are looking at you). Set you and your facilities up for success by choosing a solution that maintains privacy for each user and has multiple levels of security. 

  2. Provisioning & Management
    As mobile credentials are entering the market, specifically through Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology, provisioning and management of credentials just got a whole lot quicker for admins. With an NFC mobile solution, admins can distribute and revoke credentials remotely in a matter of seconds. This saves an incredible amount of time for facilities who are provisioning thousands of credentials at a time.  

At the end of the day, there are many factors that go into deciding on your credentials strategy. Sometimes it can be confusing and overwhelming. At WaveLynx, we are here to be your partner through this process, helping you strategize and fully understand which solution is best for you and your facility. 

If you’re looking for more detailed guidance on your credential migration strategy, check out our Top 4 most common transition strategies and what we’d recommend when transitioning to WaveLynx. 

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