A Seamless Transition

The WaveLynx Patented “Prox Filter”

| 17/04/2021
Mike Conlin 

A Seamless Transition. As experts in the art of designing credential and reader upgrade strategies, Wavelynx has identified every possible issue that could disrupt a transition off of low frequency proximity technology into a more secure technology. One of the most common problems encountered when deploying dual technology cards and multi technology readers is performance issues such as double beeps/ lights or incorrect reads when the new card is presented to the new reader. In an effort to mitigate this problem, Wavelynx has developed and patented a firmware feature called the “Prox Filter” which is available in every reader model. This feature allows WaveLynx to configure a customer’s reader in a way that allows for a smooth and seamless transition from legacy Prox technology to secure Smart technology.  

It is virtually impossible to replace all user credentials or readers at multiple sites in a single day.  In order to make the transition from Prox to Smart cards as logistically simple as possible, customers often choose to deploy both multi-frequency credentials as well as readers. This is done so the access system can continue to function while the credentials and readers in the system are replaced over a period of time.  In such a scenario, the system works as follows during the transition:

  • Legacy Prox credentials work on legacy Prox readers and the Prox side of the new multi-frequency readers
  • The Prox side of the new multi-frequency credentials work on legacy Prox readers still installed during the transition
  • The Smart side of the new multi-frequency credentials work on the Smart side of the new multi-frequency readers being installed

The primary issue with this scenario, as witnessed in the field with our competitors’ readers, is that when a new multi-frequency credential is presented to a new multi-frequency reader, both the Prox and Smart sides of the credential will be read, resulting in two identical numbers being sent to the access control panel at the same time. This can cause confusion and system malfunctions at the control panel producing such errors as double beeps / lights or incorrect reads. The WaveLynx “Prox Filter” overcomes this issue by configuring the new multi-technology readers being installed to not report the Prox side of the multi-frequency credential.  This means that the new multi-frequency credentials will only report the smart side of the multi-frequency reader. By implementing this “Prox Filter”, Wavelynx is able to ensure that every credential works with every reader during the transition without any duplicate badge ID’s being reported to the access control panel. The end result? A seamless transition with zero performance issues.